Privacy policy

Nsomnia Networks Company guarantees the full confidentiality of information received from customers.

Your registration data are needed for our managers to be able to contact you in case of technical works or changes in the work of the company.

Representatives of Nsomnia Networks will never ask for a plastic card or other confidential details. Nsomnia Networks, hereinafter - company; web-sites,, hereinafter - web-site.

General provisions

  • Some objects posted on the website are the intellectual property of the company. The use of such facilities is established by the current legislation of the EU.
  • The website has links that allow you to go to other sites. Administration is not responsible for the information published on these sites, and provides links to them only in order to provide convenience to visitors of own site.

Personal information and security

  • In certain circumstances, the website may request to register and provide personal information. Provided information is used only when processing the order or for providing the visitor with access to special information.
  • In order to provide you with information of a certain kind, a website with your explicit consent can send informational messages to the e-mail address specified at registration. You can reject it at any moment.
  • Like many other sites, the website uses cookie technology, with which it is configured to work personally with you. In particular the order processing procedure is impossible without this technology.
  • The information on this website is of a purely informative nature, and any changes can be made without any prior notification.

By registering and/or making an order on the website, you agree with the Privacy and Information Policy.

Data protection

To register on the website, the user submits some personal information, such as name, surname, e-mail, etc.

Some of the personal information may also be provided to the bank or payment system if the provision of this information is due to the procedure for transferring funds to the payment system the user wants to use, and to a third-party company to perform the tasks set by the user.

Control of personal information

To control personal information the system provides mechanisms for personal data verification. The responsibility for any consequences of providing untrue data is born by the user. In the event that some data have changed, the user is required to correct the data on the system himself, or contact the technical support for adjustments.


At registration each user receives an e-mail confirming successful registration. Users can receive information from the company through additional information services.


The website ensures the security of user accounts from unauthorized access. To access the private personal part of the site (Personal profile), the user shall enter the user ID (login) and password. The user is obliged to keep the data of his account secret. It is forbidden to transfer this information to third parties.

If the user thinks that the password has become unsafe, he can change it after entering the Personal profile. Administration reserves the right to change the terms of the Security Policy at any time without notice to the user, specifying the date of the version.

The user must independently monitor the changes in the text of the Security Policy.