Configuring qBittorrent (torrent client)

It is possible to activate remote access via the WEB-interface in qBittorrent torrent client in order to manage the program remotely the same way as if it is running on your computer (it is convenient to control night-time downloads at work).

ATTENTION! Access can be granted not only for you, but for any person. It's a bad idea to use standard user names and passwords. For example, Admin\admin. Also we remind you that ideally the software is downloaded from official websites only. Downloading "superpackage software by Jack-somebody", or clicking any links in Google, you can install absolutely undesirable software along with the necessary one. Not sure which of the sites is official? Look for the program description on For example, according to the article you can find out that the official site is

We assume that you have already downloaded qBittorrent, installed it and know how to use it. Run the software, open the menu item "Tools - Settings". Then select "Web Interface" in the left column. Activate "Web User Interface (Remote control)" check box on right panel.

Change username from standard admin to something else, at least on your own. Why is it important? Because in the case of attempts to hack your interface by brute force, passwords will be sorted, first of all, for the admin.

Password - set your password. Everything is obvious: the password shall be long, if you cannot remember a long and meaningless password, use a passphrase. For example, "MyCatIsLazyButILoveIt" - it is easy to remember, while the password has an awesome look. Why is it important? Your IP will inevitably be scanned by the robots for availability of standard open ports. Then other robots will be try the found services to find a password or hacking through flaws, etc. And this will not happen someday, it will happen almost daily.

That's why we recommend changing the standard port offered by qBittorrent to another. There are many options. You can change it to something older than 50,000. Usually scanners search standard and not standard ports up to 10000. It is not known what kind of service it can hang on a "high" port (and to find out this is also not such a trivial task), and they block quickly for this. Another option is to put one of the standard ports. We will provide port 3389, which is used by Microsoft to connect to a remote desktop. As a result, the robots will wait for the response of the RDP server, and not the HTTP responses from your torrent client.

See how to register a port in the billing settings and allow incoming connections in your firewall in the article about RDP configuring. Actions are entirely the same, except maybe the port number. We specify 3389/tcp:

That’s it. Now open the browser on another computer (smartphone) and enter the address: http://your_ip_address:your_port
In our case the link looks like this: If everything was done correctly, you will see the login form with the Username and Password fields. Log in with your login and password and use your qbittorrent almost the same way as the "desktop" version:

Of course, you can enter only when the torrent client itself is enabled. If you turn it off (and check that it did not minimize into the tray), then the link will be void. That’s it.