Instructions for macos Sierra

For computers running macos Sierra, we recommend using software called Tunnelblick. Download the latest stable version. If there problems with stable, then try downloading the latest beta version:

Click on downloaded file. If you receive a notification that the program is not downloaded from the App store, then you need to change the security settings on your Mac. If everything is OK, skip this step:

To change the security settings, click on the "apple" and select "System settings". In system settings window select the menu item "Security and privacy":

Click "Click on the lock to make changes." The system will request you to confirm your password, confirm it.
Now change the option "Allow the use of programs downloaded from:". That's it, close the window with the settings and run the installer again. After installing Tunnelblick, you can restore the old configuration using the same method:

In the window double-click the Tunnelblick icon to start the installation:

The security system can issue a new warning, confirm your consent and enter the password again:

After installation, Tunnelblick will prompt you that there are no configuration files. If you have not already downloaded your file, then you can click to exit and download the file later:

After you download the configuration file with the extension ".ovpn", click on it 2 times. Tunnelblick will launch and prompt you to install this configuration for all users on the computer or only for your account. The security system requests the password again, confirm it. Tunnelblick informs about installed configuration.

Then click on the Tunnelblick icon and select "Connect":

Your security system will again require a password. After entering the password, the connection process will take place, which usually takes about 10 seconds. The connection is made, the color of the icon changes, signalling about it:

Now you can delete Tunnelblick installer (previously unmount dmg-file via Finder) and a configuration file that has already been copied to another place. The system will not ask for a password 10 times more when connecting.

Use some service to determine your IP address. For example, here. It must differ before and after connection.

Our congratulations, everything is ok and operates properly.