Information about account and administration

Open the billing at

Click "Login" button and enter your email and password. The password for billing access is contained in the first letter you received from the billing system.

Select the menu item “Products\services" or click on the "Services" button. The interface language can be changed via the menu item with the book icon.

Find your account in the list and click the red arrow on the right.

See following information on page with detailed product description:

  • name of the tariff plan;
  • date of purchase;
  • default payment method;
  • first payment amount;
  • price of prolongation;
  • date to which the next invoice is due;
  • payment period;
  • Account status - active, suspended, deleted;
  • Tunnel: your external IP address => your internal IP address;
  • A real IP address that will see the sites/services you visit;
  • The internal IP address that will be assigned to TUN\TAP interface on your computer or device. It is necessary to configure the software you want to access from the Internet;
  • Port Forwarding - A list of currently open ports for your IP;
  • Port management: button that activates the form for your open ports editing;
  • Your configuration file - the link shows the hidden text field in which your configuration file is located.

The download button for the configuration file may not work in all browsers. Click on the text field and select all the text (cmd+a, ctrl+a, etc.). Then create a text file with an arbitrary name and extension ".ovpn", copy the contents of the clipboard into it and save to disk.

Form of port forwarding control contains a short instruction on how to set a list of ports.