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AMS-01 (Haarlem, Netherlands)

EvoSwitch data center is located in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands (Holland). This data center was built in 2006 applying modern energy saving, safety and environmental protection technologies. EvoSwitch developed a special technology that allows to achieve minimum power consumption in the data center, thereby reducing the environmental damage and costs of the data center for electricity, which is also reflected in the prices of server equipment.

EvoSwitch is one of the safest data centers in Europe: a fire-fighting system, fire walls, a multi-level surveillance system, access levels.

The data center area is 9000 m2, so it has huge potential for potential growth of customers renting servers.

  • Local power supply with a capacity of 20 MVA;
  • 8 transformers with 2 500 kVA capacity. Currents are up to 32A per rack;
  • Dual redundancy - uninterruptible power system 2 x 1600 kVA + 2 x 2400 kVA;
  • Diesel generators - 10 conjugate generators with 1540 kVA capacity;
  • fuel reserves to ensure the work of the data center from diesel generators in case of failure of the local power system within 48 hours.

All cables are reliably protected and pass under the ground, the internal placement of cable systems is controlled by EvoSwitch and is not disclosed.

Pros: Data center has one of the most powerful networks in Europe. The company invests a lot of money in long-term development.

Cons: new server hardware appears with a delay of a year. Costly solutions.

FRA-10​ (Frankfurt, Germany)

Databurg was made in 1996 and currently has an area of about 25,000 m2. Today it is the largest data center in Europe and Germany. The very model of this data center is designed to store high-security data of such companies as:

  • Financial and banking institutions
  • Industrial enterprises
  • State agencies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Other profit organizations

The data center includes 24-hour video surveillance, a multi-level data access security system (biometric control, contactless ID control), fire protection systems (sensors on the floor and ceiling for quick response), uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning (constant temperature 24 degrees and relative humidity 50%).

Pros: Data center has one of the most powerful networks in Europe. The response time to problems with the network and equipment is counted in seconds.

Cons: new server hardware appears with a delay of a year. Costly solutions.

MyLoc data center - Germany (Dusseldorf)

Data center "MyLoc" is located in Dusseldorf, Germany. Data center has its own power plant, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment. The complex consists of three data centers connected by a high-speed network. If necessary, an additional area of 1000 m2 can be promptly connected. Data center has also one of the world's largest security rooms, designed for physical protection of client equipment.

  • Round-the-clock surveillance, the physical address of the halls is secret, the racks with code locks access levels;
  • Certificate ISO 27001;
  • Argon fire extinguishing system, hermetically sealed compartments;
  • Air conditioning and climate control system with capacity reserve;
  • Ring connection to the 10 kV electricity grid, cable system with the output of up to 10 kW per square meter, fuel reserves;
  • Supporting network in 340Gbit.

Pros: Powerful and cheap equipment. Both server solutions and desktop versions of systems are used.

Cons: Due to the specifics of the work of the data center, solving hardware problems can take more than a day. 1Gbit Fair Flat - guaranteed channel, available to servers, 200-300 Mbps.